Test of the new Treasure Hunter 3D Plus geomagnetic sensor


As with many old cemeteries, new graves are on top of old graves.  Note the red areas that indicate old graves with different orientations and sizes.

Here we see that, for esthetic reasons, new graves are not always directly on top of the old. At this graveyard (the Forest Graveyard in Munich Germany), viable locations can change over time.

Straight-line rows of graves are on top of randomly placed 100-year-old graves, as we see here (in Red).

In-the-Field-Imaging can also be augmented with an electronic grid, which the Archaeo-Prospector sees during scanning.

What I like most is the ability to back-off and take a screen-shot of the whole area with the scan-image and grid all in their correct place!

This is VERY helpful!

Saves Time, Money and Personnel as you speed up your surveys.

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