Moving Monoliths of 100mt! ....Really?

The monolithic stone masonry skills of the pre-historical cultures may not have been so phenomenal as archaeologist have thought.

Prof. J Davidovits of the Geopolymer Institute seems to have the answer. If so, he has reduced what has seemed impossible constructions to humanly doable.

Those who have wondered

how the pyramids of Giza were built (in 20 years no less ! )

or how the Inca fit the lithics of the Qorikancha,

or built the ‘fortress’ of Sacsayhuaman,

or how the earlier culture of Tiahuanaco moved and placed the 130-ton sandstone platforms

or made the ‘H’ blocks of Puma Punku

will be amazed at Professor Davidovits paradigm changing work.

 If you are waiting for an “Ah ha” moment. Here it is.

Check out these images and ask yourself, ‘How could this be possible?’ 

There you will also find links to the research behind this solution and more photographic evidence, from my travels, that indicates the strength of the concept; The great monoliths may not have been dragged to their sites but may have been poured in situ, as we do today.

You will never see these lithics the same way again.

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