Considering the Marine Transport of the Monoliths of Tiahuanaco

A different perspective on transporting large stone objects (up to 130 metric tones) across Lake Titicaca and elsewhere.

In 2002 archeologists Paul Hamond and Alexie Vranich of the University of California at Berkley, transported an 8 ton monolith across Lake Titicaca on a Totora reed boat[i]. 

Arq. Javier F. Escalante Moscoso devoted several pages of his book “Arquitectura Prehispanica en los Andes bolivianos” [ii]  to the problem of moving 10 to 140+mt blocks of stone over Lake Titicaca from the mountain/extinct-volcano Khapia to the lakeside pueblo of Iwawe.

In both cases, the monolith was placed on a Totora reed boat or wooden barge for transport.

There are three difficulties with this methodology........

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