Considering five lithic artifacts at Tiahuanaco and Puma Punku, Bolivia

Block #1: a rectangular monolith of 85 cm x 40cm x 40cm that stands apart from other blocks along the visitor walk way….

Block # 2 of 5: a sculptured block roughly 1.5meteres long by 60cm wide by 20cm deep that lays along the visitor walk way amidst other blocks…..

Some observations regarding the characteristics of the Slots and Holes:   

The slots are 4mm wide by 4mm deep with flat vertical sides over a flat bottom. There is no waver in the line of the slots in either block and, the slots track the edge of the blocks exactly. The questions are How, what, when, and by whom…..

Block #3 , Posnonsky mentions in his second book “TIHUANACU” (page 141 of Volume II)  paragraph 2), “served…to support the gold plates which covered them (the blocks) by means of nails, also of gold”. He exhibited this block with five gold nails still in the holes on an April 1943 Notional Geographic lecture. …

Block 4 of 5, Lintel, at Kantatallita (Escritorio) This “lintel” has been severely damaged by looters but displays a surprising amount of information regarding the embellishments that were applied to it.  Images 1, 7 &8 demonstrate the general shape of the “lintel” and configuration of the graphic carvings and the location of holes into which gold nails were inserted to hold the votive decorations of gold plates….

Block 5, one of 3 portals at Puma Punku site. Third Gate of three gates at Puma Punku.

The only gate of three to exhibit the characteristics being examined.

Broken into three parts, the left side (part) is here examined & exhibits 210 holes. (of approximately 550)

The face has graphic images similar to the Sun Gate in Kalasasaya, Tiwanaku ….





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