Archaeo-Prospectors GoldenEye Plus

Archaeo-Prospectors GoldenEye Plus

Product Description

A-P GoldenEye Plus also provides accurate, reliable performance on large survey areas, visualizing precious metals, midden pits, foundations, cavities, graves, tunnels and more,

� is compact, portable, and integrated into a fiber-carbon hiking stick that is strong, durable, very easy to use and is ready to make your Archaeological discovery and excavation experience successful, �out of the box�.

�Free Archaeologist Survey Kit (only when purchased through

�Product Features:

- Professional 3D ground scan for object visualization

- Latest Augmented Reality technology.
- 2D/3D view mode with advanced zooming and browsing feature.
- Error correction indicator.
- Detect object up to 30m/100ft.
- Detects metallic and non-metallic objects.
- Export and save a scan for later PC analysis.
- GPS location saved with scan file.
- Easy menu selections for scan modes, sensitivity, volume, scan area size, GPS etc..
- Battery level indicator.
- Works Only With iOS devices (iPhone 6s or better)
- Free application + lifetime upgrades

- 90% fiber-carbon material
- Wireless Bluetooth connectivity
- Weight and dimension: 250g, 70-150cm
- Rechargeable 8hr. battery

- Smartphone independent when using headphones
- Uses any standard USB phone-charging device,

--Free DHL Express global shipping

What's included

- Detector device

- USB charging cable

- USB universal charger

- Metal detector protection bag

***Smartphone is not included***

Warranty and Maintenance:

- No maintenance required
- Warranty 2 years
- Spare parts with repair available 10 years after purchasing

Price: $ 4299.00

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