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Archaeo-prospector equipment

We currently offer prospecting survey equipment that brings you to the site with all you need to perform an informative survey. You will be able to map the underground structures, find inhumations, midden pits and much more.

Training in the use of the equipment is recommended to accelerate the learning curve and improve the survey results. Field tactics and basic computer imaging are covered and practiced.

Site Surveys performed by our experienced personnel at your site(s). Get the benefits of economizing time and exploiting our expertise when we do the survey for you. You will receive a complete field report in digital and hard copy with images and explanations appropriate for documentation and funding proposals.


Archaeo-Prospectors GoldenEye Plus Demo

Archaeo-Prospector GoldenEye Plus is, by far, the best improvement is geomagnetic scanning yet on the market.

Remember, the Archaeo-Prospector GoldenEye Plus comes with a Free A-P Archaeologist Survey Kit when ordered here at Archaeo-Prospector

Thomas A Gara
Archaeo-prospector CEO

About us

Our vision is to provide the best prospecting equipment, training and services to the excavating archaeologist in an effective and economical manner.


Here you will find our Photo Gallery and commentary on the archaeological work, people and travel adventures that we have had the good luck to experience.  We hope that you enjoy and learn from them.

Feel free to contact us with questions, comments or your experiences (we might publish them). Each is read and appreciated.

Thomas for Archaeo-Prospector

Academic papers

Find here our academic papers (Field Reports) and commentary, on sites, theories and finds of interest for our future research.

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